Become a person you are looking for

My life without nature would be a disaster. I love being out there in the woods, looking for galaxies while sitting next to a tent after a long day of hike in the Caucasian mountains. I adore smelling trees and enjoying long and distant horizons while trekking for weeks somewhere in Scandinavia. Scent of the woods, sound of the water in a stream, touch of the rock in Carpathians makes me feel alive. Like Henri Thoreau or Henri Bergson I believe that my affair with nature gives me real elan vital

My name is Cezary and I spend my days in office. That would kill me without my passion for sports, space and nature. I am very tired after a day in front of a computer in a closed space. I seek freedom. I seek for wilderness. I seek space. Therefore I bike long distances in forests of Central Europe and Scandinavia. I swim in wild lakes. I run in nature, smelling fresh cut grass and meadows of Poland. I trek and climb mountains for long weeks. I sleep in woods alone, I camp in mountains. I gaze at clouds. I let my mind wander. I let Gaya surprise me all the time. I let myself rest and be a bit bored, so I can be creative. I can’t imagine my life without balance in my mind that gives me freedom of spending time in the wilderness. 

Last year (2017) I have spent about 50 nights outdoor, sleeping in forests, fields or in mountains. This year I plan to bike all Finnish Lapland. I plan to trek Arctic Circle. I plan to fill all my days fully, like I would be a curious child learning wonders of Gaya. 

“Become a person you are looking for.”

Find more my stories and adventures on and instagram: cezarkos
Author: Cezary Szczepaniuk from Poland

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