EntrepreneurShip – sailing to Success

The aim of the project was to strengthen the youth sectors role in supporting young entrepreneurs through a reinforced network of youth organisations and increased capacity of youth workers in non-formal entrepreneurship education.

We have sent 4 participants from Austria to the 2 different phases of the project. The project all together brought together 40 managers of youth organizations and 33 youth workers from 15 countries: Denmark, Slovakia, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Austria, Cyprus, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Romania, United Kingdom, and France.

Objectives of the project were:
1. Create concrete network of youth organisations across Europe for promoting entrepreneurial spirit
amongst youth through utilising best practices and identifying shared innovative proposals;
2. Utilise newly established partnerships among the partners of the project to enhance local youth’s mobility possibilities, for instance through European Solidarity Corps or Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs;
3. Explore and reinforce the role of non-formal education in the promotion of youth entrepreneurship;
4. Increase youth workers competencies and toolbox for delivering non-formal entrepreneurship
education to young people.
These objectives will be reached through the Contact Making Event (CME) and the Training Course (TC).

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