Gaming Techniques for Youth Workers Training Course (2019)

North Macedonia

We complain that young people today consume much time on the computer, TV and video games. These activities greatly limit their learning experiences.
This does not mean that we should limit one hundred percent access to these diversions, but we have to generate alternatives that are educational and enriching.
Gaming techniques provide activation of the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The urban environment and daily routines keep us away from varied and exciting sensory experiences for the development of our sensibilities that provide comfort and relaxation.

This Training Course was Co-Funded by the ErasmusPlus Programme of the European Union.
31 youth workers from 9 countries had to opportunity to exchange, share, grow and learn together.

The training was aimed to improve training competences of trainers, facilitators and team leaders on participatory education through playing games, lead activities and to motivate young people at local and international levels to do in-outdoor activities.
The training course was based on a non-formal and trainee centered approach putting the needs and abilities of the participants in the center of the training.

The youth workers learned plenty of activities, games, workshops, that they can develop with young people and how to motivate them to participate in daily life in their communities. A broad range of educational means was applied ranging from role-plays, workshops, to short interactive exercises and trainee-led sessions.

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