Gift yourself a holiday

You work hard every day. Managing your life, striving for achieving goals, accomplish tasks, fulfill needs and wishes of others. You are on the quest to improve your future by building on your past experiences. 

You are so busy to do all things and stuffs so the present moments and days are passed with relentless activities a fully occupied mind. Your body is active, your mind is engaged. You roll the ball ahead and forget to breath, think, feel, love, go deep in an experience. 

You consume your time to the maximum level.

Does it all resonate with You? Or partially at least?

Sit down please for a minute. Take a deep breath. Take one more, and an other. 

Feel your heartbeat how it slows down.

Breath out as loud as you like through your mouth. Let all the tension be released in this way. Close your eyes. Let your mouscles ease with every breath in and out.

Remember back the last holiday you took to be with yourself, to give all you desired, liked and wanted. Where was it? What did you do there? How you felt?

In order to be able to give the right quality and state to your body, mind and emotions off-times are crucial for your development. Times that are only for You, Your self-care and self-love. You deserve to feel good, whole and centered.

Therefore at MOVE to Be You we work on offering not only possibilities to participate in training courses, non-formal educational opportunities and various physical and mental health practices, but to offer: 

  1. Volunteering opportunities overseas in Asia.
  2. Personal coaching and lifestyle coaching.

For the first, our founder currently is in the magical and inspirational island on Koh Phangan, Thailand to find further connections for our members to volunteer and develop themselves and their life/work experience. 

If you want to know more on mindfulness filled get away volunteering opportunities in Asia (Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia) or would like to get one of our lifestyle/personal coach to assist you.

Get in touch:

We will be publishing in 2020 March Koh Phangan updates of mindful, spiritual and fun activities that offered and enjoyed here in a peaceful, loving community of like-minded people. Seekers and givers. As a gift from Us to You to get inspired! 😉 


Stay tuned than in March at the outbreak of the spring and not the corona virus. 😉 Shift your focus on what matters and gives the value to your life.

photo credit: Wladimir Kral

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