Healthy life

Life feels full when you have the right balance between nurturing your mind, body and emotional life. For me healthy life composes of eating well and digesting it well; doing regular exercise, in my case yoga; and of course have the right amount of social connections with friends/family/my partner if there is any.

Healthy life is when you feel complete and good within yourself and with the environment that surrounds you. I don’t think it’s about a diet or about something being forced on you. Just like in traditional Hatha Yoga, they say it’s the alignement of your body, mind and emotions that matter. No forceful attempts of doing asanas (physical yoga practice) are going to help you to reach to a higher level of being. We tend to give more attention to one element of our lives while taking away from the other. By time it will lead to dissonance and have some negative effects.

Many components contribute to our well being beyond the above mentioned, like the amount of sleep, the quality and regularity of sexual life, daily liquid intake, amount of stress faced, addictions like cigarette or coffee etc. Life is complexs and so we are. For each of us it may be a different recepie for the right life balance to be felt, but no matter what and how it is, you can do many amazing acitivities and actions to help the process.

Author: Orsolya Cziráki from Hungary

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