The passion for sports

In general sports takes an important role in my life …I cannot see myself not doing anything of a kind . It gives me strength,discipline and something to look forward.

I have been into sports since a very young age and being so active became an addiction in a positive sense. The movement and momentum you gain once it’s running through your veins is amazing. Of course the movement will keep you strong and healthy and the momentum to carry on with the sporting activities will take you further deep down to discover the surrounding areas and the environment itself. It’s something that one cannot really understand if you don’t experience it first hand. Once you’re hooked on movement and environment, there’s no turning back in a positive way, it’s difficult to live without it or ever forget it.

In my life I have been in many activities and met many people with same mentality. It took me to places that I never dreamt visiting, widened my perspective how to tackle daily life problems, last but not least I also learned how to live in harmony with nature around me.

Author: MarkCamilleri from Malta

Hobbies: I’m an active person and I’m into sport activities. Such as trekking, abseiling, mountaineering and cross country mountain biking.

In 2018 he cycled from Vienna to Milan covering 1200km in seven days and collecting funds for cancer research.  You can see his mission here:

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