Individual Wellness For Mindful Youthwork (2023)

The uncertainties of the 21st century and the rising of fear and anxiety in young people are also related to the lack of emotional intelligence in the individuals, which is the ability to listen, understand and manage emotions of the self and others, in order to release stress, empathize, communicate effectively and manage personal and interpersonal conflict.

Individual Wellness for Mindful Youthwork is a path for the participants to explore self awareness and empathy towards others and discover techniques that can be used in youth work practices.

The project focused on :

  • Methods of mindfulness by practicing both mental and physical activities for self-empowerment and youth development
  • To explore creativity and use artistic tools for personal development and social inclusion
  • To motivate and support participants in their role as leaders in their local communities
  • To use gamification in youth work and in daily life
  • To explore new ways of communication through activities related to creativity, arts and emotional intelligence
  • To promote the use of digital tools

The workshop took place in the Blue Whale Education Center, in Mönichkirchen, Austria.

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