Inspiring the future

My name is Mario and water sports are my life. I’m working as a water sports instructor (surfing, windsurfing, paddle surfing etc…) which I started 3 years ago and it changed all my life. Before I started to work in this field I had a completely different mind. But now thanks to this I have met amazing people, beautiful places and I have plenty of funny anecdotes that I can story.

And do you know what is the most gratifying in my job?

When the children learn something thanks to me. All summer long I have different kids without knowing anything about water sports. As time goes by, they learn and grow themselves through the activities. My reward comes on the last week when they tell me that I have been their teacher, their friend and they have learned everything from me and there I feel very nice and accomplished when hearing them.

To end this little note I want to write that when you are a model for children, you have a very important role and you need to do it very well, because they are going to try to become like you. You will be a role model, a key example for them.

Author: Mario Gómez from Spain

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