Movement connects

When moving, a whole world opens up. The world of emotions and feelings. These fill the body with joy and liberty. But also with frustration and deep sensations of sadness. The mind becomes alert.
Then we go onto a journey, we move, we discover the paths of our emotions and develop a whole new sense of life, in movement. Where we can express ourselves better than with any word in this whole universe, where we feel more alive even if we are inwardly dead. We rediscover our true self and can be ourself, can act and behave how we feel, without judgement, without any restrictions. Because we are free.
On this journey we are reconnecting to ourself, but also to others and to Mother Earth. We need nothing for this connection, except our bodies.
Through movement we learn more than in any lecture: about ourselves, about others, and also about the interaction between the two.

Elena, 23, passionated about food, movement and people, but most importantly, about the connection between all these components and how they influence the power of life. Life-lover and enthusiasm-energy. Studying in three different European countries with the dream of founding something herself, something which can leave an emotion in people’s heart. Until then loving to slackline, doing yoga, speaking different languages, cycling, cooking and breathing.

Author: Elena Sophia Löffler from Germany

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