Outdoor Sport In Nature_SPIN (2021-2022)

SPIN project promotes education and dissemination of sports for the benefit of health with special focus on skills development related to the performance of physical activities in a natural outdoor environment.


The experiences related to sport in natural contexts such as parks are useful from the point of view of the image of the sport itself, not only the competitive sport, but the symbol of citizenship rights. With educational value of being a privileged tool for environmental protection and social promotion.

The areas with a natural / touristic / sporting vocation have increasingly assumed a crucial function of “hub” of the territory, acting as open experiential laboratories in which to experiment with new models of protection, programming, management and sustainable development.

The demand for outdoor services linked to the sporting, environmental and historical peculiarities as offers has grown in various areas. There shall be an improvement to offer in the tourism sector also natural areas, to expand and advertise offered services related to natural environment and outdoor sport activities.

"The creation of a system of green services related to outdoor sports in natural environments involving a territory and its non-profit associations is therefore a social issue that this project aims." 

New sports and recreational opportunities are to be explored, through which to continue to do environmental education and sustainability education

We aim to increase the level of awareness and the cultural level by making captivating experiences both for young people and for the rest of the population.


  • increase the number of people practicing in outdoor sports, 
  • better promote grassroots sports, 
  • increase participation of local stakeholders, such like sport organisations, municipalities, 
  • give visibility to local projects and best practices.


Creation of Best Practices Ebook

It is a collection, in digital and paper form, in English, of the good practices concerning sports activities carried out in contact with nature. The manual, presenting different realities operating in different countries and in different sports, aims to be something more constructive than a list of sports associations. It is to provide ideas to different types of readers:

  • sports associations that may know solutions to problems similar to theirs
  • municipalities looking for ideas and information concerning the territorial development, the economy and services related to it;
  • teachers and school staff who can evaluate interesting non-conventional training courses .

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