Sport as a tool for social inclusion&active citizenship(2019)

In this Partnership Building Activity we developed cooperation with 15 European organizations working with youth experienced and interested in social inclusion and active citizenship through creative usage and good practices of using sport as a tool for it.

Our aim was to identify and establish possible future long term cooperations with the selected partner organizations and collaborate in increasing the number of projects aiming at enhancing social inclusion and active citizenship in Erasmus+ funded projects throughout Europe and beyond. The greater goal of the project was also to improve the amount and variety of usage of sport-based methods as a Non-Formal Educational tool serving social inclusion and active citizenship under Erasmus+ programs and therefore contribute to an integrational society and strengthened intercultural dialogue at local, national and international level too.

As a result of the project we provided a meeting point to bring together 30 youth workers for future collaborations on Sport as a tool for social inclusion and active citizenship – Partnership Building Activity creation, strategic and collaborative partnership building and projects.

We designed 7 projects (training course, collaborative and strategic partnership) that we apply in 2020.

All partners and participants were grateful for the opportunity provided by Erasmus. We all look forward to developing such for others too and contribute to a more inclusive and open society through the usage and benefits of sports.

Thank you Alina Rizhikova (Latvia) for the creation of the video.

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