The spirit of community

I first realized the usage and frequent presence of the term „community” when living in Nepal and joining a climbing gym.

From there came my awareness of the previously existing communities that i encountered and were present in that sense and importance in my life, as a common point of reference and base between people. 

Going back in time, the first real community I felt for and had big impact on me and my reality, was being part of the biggest European student ran organization – AEGEE (European Student’s Forum). International friendships, travels, crosscultural experiences and all the love, sharing and understanding between variety of cultures and people started from there. It’s been more than 10 years now.

The spirit of AEGEE legates me still to all those students and youngsters who are currently in it, and the alumnis like me, who never cease to know and treasure it’s impact. It’s drive which has given us a diverse route and inspiration to life. 

It motivated me to discover and get out there to experience worldly things at a higher level, so that I went on taking an opportunity to do an internship in Malaysia with AIESEC (an other student led organization). From the planned one year, the Asian personal and professional development extended to 7 years.

Sport and active lifestyle, being in nature and outdoor adventures became a part of my Asian times as people and their living is more close to the basics, to the roots, to the ground and globe we kind of forgot while living in modern, Western cultures. I found out how much it beats accords in my heart and my attraction to it grew more and more. Outdoor discoveries, spending time in nature and movement that frees your mind and spirit, all gave me more strength and sense of belonging. It became a base of a relation to a community that i did not consciously know yet there is. 

There it naturally fluorished in me to get attracted and find more activities and people who had similar interests and were sharing a common drive in these.

Years by years and step by step, slowly but steady my consciousness towards understanding the meaning and the reality of me being motivated by such and becoming passionate about these started to get clarified in me. 

The presence and importance of this drive made me understand that i found a community, that though i thought was invisible or hidden, it showed it’s way naturally by the steps and experiences my life force and happenings took me to. 

No route is taken by chance! I know it was the way meant and made for me, which is an expansion and extension in time that never has a fixed point of start or no specific end.

It is a flow, like the blood circulating in us, sometimes maybe with more intensity sometimes with less. But it’s there from the first moment of existence to the last breath we take. It’s the core, it’s the base, the integral part of our true selves. 

Becoming aware and conscious of it is the question, rather than it’s presence.

So there I know today and I’m very much aware of it, that it is part of me and is a need, a must for me just like Oxygen I breath in. I know this community that is my relation to many people from around the world whom I have never met or maybe never will, but has this force in common with me. It has this value and sense of belonging that we share that unconditionally, invisibly, universally makes us connect and create an indirectly bonded group.

I truly hope and strive for sharing a community like this with more people, to let them get the opportunities to be inspired for directions they please and meant to find for themselves. To develop in every direction. 

Therefore MOVE to Be You was founded.

Author: Orsolya Cziráki

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