April Schedule

April with the arrival of spring showers and flowes will bloom our comminity. Above programme’s location will be: Untere Weißgerberstraße 30/18, 1030 Vienna

Please NOTE For instant communication we are running 2 groups in 2 mobile apps. We recommend you to join if you like to be up-to-date on our events, programmes and international projects. We may add extra classes and happenings for April so it’s the best to be part of it.

Just write us a mail to get the links: wonderlandwien@gmail.com.


Thai Massage

You can come with a partner or by yourself and you will work in pairs to learn how to give and receive a Thai Massage 💛. The session is divided in 2 sets of 45mins each to switch with the person you are working with.

It is an easy Technique to relax body and mind. With simple movement and massage types we will work on different body parts to soften the muscles, joints and tendons. We activate the self-healing abilities and the energy flow in the body and soul. We focus on mindful giving and receiving for a meditative, relaxing and healing experience.

Tantra Dating Night

We like to welcome ladies and gents, ideally equal amount as you will be working in pairs.

There will be various exercises and experience creations while having the chance to share and connect with different people. We will use non-verbal communication, 5 senses, body works and trust related exercises. The aim is to create a safe and comfy place to connect to yourself and others in a smooth, light way.

You may come alone or with a partner.

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