Acro Yoga Weekend with Brazilian Vibe

27. – 28.07.2019. Budapest, Hungary

Acro Yoga is a very powerful funfilled sport activity with high educational values in it. We had the pleasure to organize and host the classes of Brazilian level 2 international AcroYoga teacher Gustavo De Barros who shared his passion by leading participants from Hungary, Austria, Italy and UAE.

Throughout the weekend we had lots of fun, teamwork, core and muscle training with techniques and a variety of life skills and competences were enhanced too.

Have a look at the compilation video from the first day. We even had an AcroYoga jam with the public on the Freedom Bridge of Budapest. Every year for a month the bridge closes down for the weekend and programs can be organized. It becomes a free public space for community activities which was such a blast for us too.

Thank you all for coming and sharing this experience together!

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