All You Need! Project report by Lilie

From 26th of September to 3th of October last year I was able to participate in a self-development course, that took place in the beautiful town of Varazze, on the east coast of Italy. The goal of this course was to teach us to create more successes in life while enjoying it. Most of the time we stayed in our accommodation, which was next to an ancient church on top of a mountain overseeing the sea. During the training course we went through a series of sessions and processes, of which some I found useful and some i found less useful. The tool I remember best, is definitely the so-called „victim-accountability-chart“, which represents a framework, that enables you to see events through the lens of an active agent instead of a passive victim. In general, the learning outcomes of this training were different for everybody. The biggest challenges for me, personally, were of social nature, hence what I took home were discoveries about:

1) the question I want and need to ask myself; 
2) the issues I want to tackle;
3) a better self-understanding.

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