Skill UP! self development Training Course (2021)

About the training 

‘Skill UP!’ that is an intense personal development training for people who work with people. It is for those who are ready to challenge themselves with an impactful learning experience, who are ready to stretch their comfort zone in order to discover their resources. You will have the chance to dive deep into skill development, improve personal and professional life skills, as well as discover how to support others. 

It is for those who are busy with similar questions: What is the image I have about myself? What are my automatic reactions when I am stuck with a problem and how to change them? What are my automatic behaviours in certain situations? How do I include myself in a team and/or a bigger group? How cooperation works for me in my personal and professional life? How to take care of myself and of others? How to maximise my creativity? How to connect with others in an honest and authentic way? How to inspire myself to keep learning and discovering the world around me? 

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all of those around you.”

/Robin Sharma/

About the method 

The method and the approach of this program has a long history. It comes from the late 60s and early 70s in California, then it passed through South Africa and Israel to reach Europe in several forms and shapes. In the 2000s the training method was translated from the for- profit field into the non- for-profit field by a group of European youth workers from the Netherlands, Hungary and Greece. 15 years later, thousands of youth workers, trainers, coaches, volunteers and people interested in their personal and professional development have participated in programs using the method. Programs are organised and implemented in the Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania, Austria. 

You might have heard about the training as “basic synergy” that refers to a method and approach, but different trainers tailor the program in a different way. The training is intense in the sense of working hours and can be intense emotionally, since you face behavioural patterns that are there for a while, so much, that many times we are not aware of them. During the training you will have the chance to observe yourself, your reactions in different situations and concepts you carry. The training also includes 2,5 days of outdoor experience which is happening outside of the training venue. The outdoor part is at the end of the program and it is there for you to implement all what you learn in the first days. No special previous physical or outdoor training is required for this. 

About the project

31 participants of 10 partner organizations from Austria, Spain, Czechia, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Poland and UK.

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