Wind 60+ (2021-2022)

With the wind in gray hair is a small collaboration project that joins forces of 6 water sports organizations in 6 countries for 18 months. The clubs consortium will work on activating senior citizens (over 60 years old) through sailing and other activities (not only sport related) in the clubs.

The main part of the project was a Study Visit in HORN Krakow and working with the club’s Seniors Activity Center to see how they work and influence the lives of local seniors. During the meeting, the project partners conducted tests and evaluations of the activities they had planned for seniors. This process likely involved observing seniors participating in the activities, gathering feedback from them, and assessing how well the activities met their intended goals and objectives.

In Poland, the Seniors Activity Centre is set up under the Senior+ programme, which provides financial support to local government units to carry out their own tasks of running and providing places in senior citizens’ support centers.

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