Get Up! (2023-2026)

Gender Equality Toolkit Using Pedagogy

What is it?

This project is a transformative 3-year initiative set to launch in January 2023 under the Erasmus+ programme.


The project aims to promote gender equality in sport through the creation and development of innovative educational tools. ​

  • The project will last 36 months and will bring together:
    •  4 organisations with strong expertise in non-formal education through sport from different countries (Moveto be you, ADEL, 4C, Ufolep),
    • two organisations specialised in the promotion of women athletes and the representation of women in sport (Association Alice Milliat, ASSIST)
    • A research laboratory specialised in innovation and vulnerabilities in sport (L-VIS),
    • A museum with expertise in the production of pedagogical tools and activities related to sport (Musée National du Sport in France).



The tools created and the activities carried out will aim to use education in and through sport to encourage equal access for boys and girls to sport and physical activity by combating gender-based discrimination.

3 interactive, fun and knowledge based games are going to be available in all partner’s languages ( 8 ) + in English. Stay tuned for the testing phase in our countries with kids in 2024 Autumn.

For more info you can visit:

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