Move Your Baby! (2022-2023)

Move Your Baby!’’ is an Erasmus + Sport Small Cooperation Partnership project
taking place from June 2022 until December 2023.

The purpose of the project is to support mothers and their babies through
sports activities. During the project, the five partners will develop a special
programme based on aerobic character sports, such as yoga and pilates,
involving both the mother and baby. In this way, we want to speed up the
postpartum recovery for the mother, and to ensure that the baby lives an
active life during his first months.

In addition to physical benefits, it is expected that the time that the mother
spends together with her baby will contribute in a positive way to the
development of the baby. The impact will be seen especially at the social
and psychological level. For this purpose, the communication of the
mother and her baby will be strengthened with different exercises that the
programme will develop.

The basis of our project is to develop a programme for our target group,
with the help of the selected trainers. A safe space will be provided to them,
in order to develop the programme by exchanging good practices.
When designing the project, we considered the needs of the mothers (who
could not be freely involved in exercise activities due to baby care, suffering
from physical and sometimes psychological burnout due to pregnancy)
and the infants (socially and physically disadvantaged, not involved in an
exercise activity on their own).

Our primary topic is to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities
in sport.

You can follow us on our social media to see the Yoga Classes that are offered in Vienna to Moms and Babies in 2023 Spring time. Of course dads are also welcomed to participate to have a full family experience. 😉

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