Sailing for better Future_Viennese meeting

The 4th Project meeting of „Sailing for better Future „ ErasmusPlus Sport co-funded project happened in Austria between 29th September and October 2 of 2022, hosted by us.


We were very glad to welcome our international representatives of sailing clubs from Poland, Portugal, Italy and Turkey and the sailing application developer’s team from Spanish University.

To offer a better insight to how sailing realities in Austria are, thanks to our NGO’s collaboration, we had the invitation of the Austrian Sailing Federation to host us for a night in their HQ in Neusiedl am See.

We enjoyed the tour around their premises and learned about the serious environmental impacts of climate change with the impact on Neusiedl lake which decreased 1 meter. This effected so negatively the sailing possibilities on the lake that at least for minimum 5 years, the Austrian Youth Sailing Championship will have to be held in an other lake. This gave us extra push and motivation to work more on environmental sustainability and green projects for awareness and action taking !

Our international team learned also about „Express Sailing” a concept presented to us by the European Sailing Federation’s  (EUROSAF)’s  Vice-President, Alexandru Micu, as they also have their HQ in Neusiedl. This programme was about an innovative idea about

– „How to promote and attract more people to sailing and have more fun.”


The second day at the HQ we had coordinator meeting and than heard further details about supported „thematic EU sailing circuits” presented by the EUROSAF ‘s Secretary General Doris Gstatter. Shared ideas and discussed possible further ways for collaboration between sailing clubs and various geographical regions/ countries for a wider reach.

Then we headed up to Vienna, where we continued our study visit and work with our other local partner and sailing club Albertus Magnus Sailing Club.


Study visit of Albertus Magnus Sailing Club where the Optimist Austrian National Chamionship was organized during the weekend.

Our topics for today’s roundtable discussion were : „Communication and Collaboration Skills development through sailing”. One of the 5 set of skills that we have identified as crucial during sailing, which will be part of the „Sailing for Better Future Good Practices Booklet” presenting the results and findings of our project at the end of the 3 years.

We enjoyed the club’s hospitality, celebrated the birthday of one the Polish Coaches with original Sacher cake from the Sacher Hotel and enjoyed home-cooked Austrian food with Wiener Snitzel, potatoe and cucumber salad and jam.


Café culture is a crucial experience that one cannot miss once in Vienna. Sunday as for local tradition is to be enjoyed in a classical cafe house, like we did go to Café Prückel in ringroad. Great way it was to discuss on further project ideas and collaborations to be worked upon and enjoy an informal way of work.

Thanks all for coming and we are delighted to see you soon int he 5th meeting in Ankara, Turkey.

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