Skill UP! training course Basic synergy in Neu Nagelberg, 2021

On a cloudy day in Austria 31 people from 11 different countries thanks to Erasmus+ and MOVE to Be You gathered on 29th August in a small village next to the Czech border to see what the future holds for them. They started working together by creating a common ground and clarifying what they actually wanted from these ten days they happened to spend together.

The first days were about dreams, reality and what do we know. With this knowledge we could start reflecting on what is there in our brains and wondering what happens if we question the concepts that are already placed in our heads. What happens if we let them go?

For success, communication may be the key and I learned about the importance of how I form sentences and the impact of the words I use. This showed me that I want to pay attention to what messages I transfer to the world and also how I talk about and to myself.

The next days we learned about other forms of connections. Connections that were given to us and others that we formed later during our lives. Do we trust each other? Are we honest with ourselves? Through taking different actions we had a chance to see our patterns. Now I am more aware of my body and how it shows me many things I sometimes want to hide from myself.

Later we experienced the power of cooperation and with this in their pockets participants left for an outdoor activity. I believe they all had some meaningful experiences during that time. At the end of the project we also got some supportive tools for planning, which migth come handy when we are back to our lives after these magical days.

What I admired about this group of people is their care for each other, the way they didn’t loose their humour even at the hardest moments and their curiosity to explore the unknown. Thank you team, for being on my side and thank you participants for letting me see your changes. It’s been a spectacular ten days and I will never forget the stars on the dark sky above our small lake.

                                                                                                Eszter Horváth, team member

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