All You Need! Project report by Andrey

I would like to greet all the readers of that short review of the very powerful course I passed through more than one month ago. So that is going to be a very essential residual knowledge I have collected there and will share with You.

There was a very psychological NLP-like well-structured self-improvement course. So many and so different words describing this course may get you confused as it did to me as well. At least for the first two-three days until I got to know people around me and realized how interesting each of them is. I am a very technical person and all these psychological topics are a nightmare for me, even so, I did carry it out and finished it up with a confident “win” for myself.

I learned and applied in real life, the importance of making no assumptions toward people’s opinions, feelings and thoughts. Sure, you can think you feel how others are feeling but that’s more guesses according to your state of mind than what others really may be thinking or feeling. So that it is always the right decision to ask people first what they think (especially when you have a chance to do so) before you decide to act somehow according to this people’s behavior. In conclusion, making no assumptions is the main lesson I pointed out for myself after completing the All You Need Course. Another easy but very powerful lesson I’ve learned there is that I may try, I might be just trying, all my best to stay happy going further in my doings, going further in my successes while meeting new different but interesting people.

In conclusion, making no assumptions is the main lesson I pointed out for myself after completing the All You Need Course.

What I experienced the very first time in my life, being a wheelchair user and being not able to walk at all, is the state of being “included” in a group of people at the not always wheelchair friendly terrain, in the rooms and beaches. With the help of new friends, I felt like abled body, completely. It made me enormously happy.

Also, I would like to add that the location choice was just perfect. It was a pleasure living there for these 10 unforgettable days being surrounded with Italian pine forest and rocks and being able to observe spectacular see views every moment you leave the classroom and directing back these 15 steep meters to the dormitory room.

This course is definitely to be recommended to everyone who wants to widen their mind borders, without any exception!

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