Be Active, Be Healthy! Project report by Sabrina

Hi, my name is Sabrina and I am living close to Vienna in Austria.

The European week of sports took place during the last week of September and I had the pleasure to take part in a European Youth Exchange in Budapest during these days hosted by Budapest Association for International Sports cofunded by ErasmusPlus.

I was sent along with 5 others to represent our sending organization MOVE to Be You from Austria.

The topic of this international get-together was “Be Active, Be Healthy”. We were young people from 5 countries (Lithuania, Portugal, Hungry/ Tunisia, Austria, Bulgaria) who spend one week together to learn about the importance of being active, of doing sports as well as the disadvantages of inactivity. Furthermore we talked about healthy lifestyle and discussed healthy sport nutrition. During the week we also exchanged about the situations concerning the activeness of the population in the different countries and how to raise the awareness of the importance of doing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Like the motto of this exchange said, was the week in Budapest really active. Everyday in the afternoon we tried out sports in different places in Budapest which allowed us to get to know the city better. The first day we played ultimate freebee on the Magaret’s island. The second day we tried out #Acroyoga at another park which was great fun with Gergely Tas. We also did a bike tour through Budapest which I really enjoyed. Budapest is a #beautiful #city. But that was not all, we also participated in a crossfit class, did a hike and joined the “BE #active night” where we could try out hundreds of different sports. I did Tai-Boxing, Pilates, blind football and yoga. It was a funny evening.

In the mornings workshops and presentations about advantages and disadvantages of sports as well as the organisation of sport events were on the program.

All in all was the week a success. Not only was the #program well organised and interesting, but also all #participants were kind and everybody got along quite well. I got to know new #cultures and people from other #countries thanks to the Youth Exchange which is always a #good #experience. We organised 2 “International nights” where the teams presented their countries. I am happy that I had the chance to participate in the exchange.

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